Advantages of opting IB diploma programme after 10th grade

  • Have you ever heard about IB, International Baccalaureate ? This is a high school diploma that teaches
    us about critical and independent thoughts. It is categorized as A-Levels or advanced placement
    program, which is recognized by international high schools alternatively. This study has made it ideal for
    the students to choose this program.
    Reasons on the study of IB and specialty of this study –
    The breadth of study: Students need to study A-level studying patterns and should specialize in three or
    four subjects. Students who adopted IB as their study material need to study six different subjects
    including languages, maths, science, and humanities. The study provides breadth and deeper knowledge
    of understanding the concepts.
    Experiential learning: The students of IB, participate in creativity, activity, and service (CAS). Students
    who adopt this study, have deeper knowledge and experience the action of services of others. CAS helps
    student’s skills, makes them all-rounders, keeps them motivated, and individual engagement will be
    achieved. Their interests like projects, clubs, and community services, sports, or other curricular
    activities make students develop their skill set.
    Freedom: Students concentrate on their skills and interests and allow them to stay connected with their
    skillset. There will be a connection between classroom studies and the soccer field. Both the experiences
    differ from student to student. They have the freedom to choose their interests and seek the skills that
    inspire them.
    Research skills: IB diploma has two different elements namely, extended essay and theory of knowledge
    component. These elements or components help students to develop advanced independent research
    and improvise their organizational skills.
    Independent thinking: The IB classroom provides discussions and two-way communication between
    teachers and students. Every member of the classroom shares their opinion and teachings and also
    discusses common interests of individuals. They speak out and share their opinion. Therefore this style
    makes students think independently and every individual shares their thoughts.
    Global citizenship: The International Baccalaureate is internationally recognized. It offers 150 countries
    globally and is recognized by colleges and universities from 90 countries globally. The universities such
    as US, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. This study brings outward-facing students and creates cultural
    awareness, this makes students become global citizens.
    The challenge: The study brings the capabilities of students. They challenge themselves to study and
    work harder. The IB made its huge rewards. This study pushes the students with skills and confidence to
    the world.
    Time management: Time management is another component of the study. Students learn about time
    management skills and establish good study habits, manage the time on assignments, and develop individual revision techniques, resisting distractions while studying the IB. students with this skill, move
    forward and accomplish their skills in life.
    University admissions: The study data statistics of HESA (Higher education statistics agency) shows the
    percentages of IB Diploma graduates have got the better options to enroll in UK’s 20 topmost
    Personal growth: The study of the IB diploma enhances the personal growth of the individuals and
    develops the quality of research along with academic works, they balance the experience of multiple
    studies. Personal growth is essential to every student and helps them to achieve their goals.
    Therefore the International Baccalaureate diploma gives the full fledged knowledge to the students. This
    had made the world’s well-renowned qualification and huge door of opportunities open to the IB

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