National Institute of open schooling tends to be online from 2022

  • Recently, New Delhi has reported on the introduction of India’s first education board, NIOS, which is
    going to commence from 2022 as a board exam online. Due to the bad hit of the pandemic personal
    contact of classes has been avoided and future academic classes are mitigated and losses of over 40 lakh
    learners. Instance to this online or virtual classes introduced globally. Digital libraries also came into the
    picture and virtual practical labs helped students to find their resources for their examinations.
    There is a marvelous move that, in all 14 languages the secondary and senior secondary education
    delivers the NIOS as an education board in the country. In the years 2020 and 2021 due to the covid
    situation NIOS couldn’t conduct the board examinations as well as on-demand examinations of the
    board. Every year there are around 5 lakhs students who give their annual board exams.
    Now the whole world is in control under the digital platform, NIOS will opt for online and offline classes
    as a hybrid model of education. This will not be the final or permanent solution but for the time being
    we need to adopt this mode of education. The academic director Dr.Rajiv Kumar Singh, said that
    “keeping the offline exams as an option due to the digital divide, this will be the main objective of NIOS,
    reaches the unreached”. 25000 villages don’t have internet connectivity and over 11% of the children
    have access to online classes. The data tells that gradually they will progress towards only online mode
    for the board exams.
    From the assessment year of 2022, the system of NIOS goes online mode. In addition to this, physical
    classes also are conducted as well as exams but only when the situation of the pandemic normalizes.
    Singh also said that it’s very important to maximize the latest technology so the students from remote
    places will be verified and will be solvable for the further condition of online exams.
    NIOS – National Institute of open schooling
    The new online schooling system – NIOS – virtual open school. Before the pandemic, in study centers,
    the learners were hand held by their teachers through personal contact programs. This did not happen
    in the year 2020 due to covid-19. In the virtual platform, this cannot be achieved and cannot keep the
    eye to eye contact of classes in digital classes but teachers are very flexible, whenever students or
    learners get the doubt, they are in the position to clarify their doubts irrespective of any time. Learners
    adapted themselves to the self-learning method and utilized the resources whatever is available to
    them, also adapted the audio and video mode of classes to learn and continue with their academics.
    Therefore the implementation of NIOS will be a massive advantage to the learners and will be risk free
    from the situation of the pandemic. This makes it easy to conduct exams and to give exams. Learners as
    well as other subordinators and supervisors will be adapting the latest technology and starting dealing
    with modern digital technology.

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