Air India finally returned to TATA – Ratan Tata tweets Welcome back Air India

Air India has marked its benchmark in India as the best airline in the world. The founder of
airlines JRD Tata said that it would be alive under the leadership of airlines and had made its
reputation in India. On Friday (October 8, 2021) Tata group chairman Ratan Tata had welcomed
the treasury of Air India to the salt-to-the-software conglomerate after 68 years as the union
government announced the company as the winning bidder for the debt-laden state-owned
The call “welcome back, Air India” made its standard as renowned industrialist moments. Ratan
Tata also stated that the founder JRD Tata will be joyous when he heard about this news.
Because as per his wish, the leadership will be back again in India.
Tata also extended his gratitude to the central government for its latest policy of opening up the
selected industries to the private sector. In the tweet, he also shared about the former chairman of
the group. He made his efforts to rebuild Air India and this would provide very competitive
growth in the market of the aviation industry and also provide opportunities to the tata groups.
JRD Tata, the real leader of Air India, once upon a time created its reputation in the market and
achieved prestigious airlines in the world. This statement was written by Ratan Tata on an
emotional note. If the world welcomes back the airline’s Air India then JRD Tata would be
overjoyed. As an additional note, Tata had also stated that “we also recognize and thank the
government for its recent policy of opening select industries to the private sector”.
Tata Airlines was founded in 1932 and nationalized in 1953. They won the bid of INR18000
crore, with the presence of the secretary of DIPAM Tuhin Kant Pandey. Pandey said that, the
total debt on Air India as of August 2021, INR61,562 crore.
Currently, the Tata group operates Vistara, India’s one, and only full-service carrier. Further, the
Tata sons acquire Air India 50% of air-stats, and Air India express. Through this, the government
will get the debt of INR 2700 crore in cash for sale and the rest will be with Air India.
Finally, we got the happy tweet by Ratan Tata regarding Air India. We would be happy to see the
growth of aviation industries in the world.

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