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Avoid the Traffic and use Drone Taxis in Delhi – NCR

The survey shows 12 million registered motor vehicles in Delhi in the year 2020. The number
keeps on doubling as decades pass on. People who move to their offices, everyone should travel
by road and they will be facing huge traffic problems in the morning as well as in the evening.
The New Delhi civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said that in the coming days we
would be launching air taxis and this will avoid road traffic and also its transfers with airspaces.
Under the drone rules, they were planning to launch air taxis.
During the press conference, the minister had announced that many types of research are
undergoing globally to invent air taxis along with startups support. Soon, New Delhi was going
to launch air taxis like Uber under the drone policy. The defense ministry, the home ministry,
and the Bureau of civil aviation security was working under the projects of air taxis. They are
updating their technology of counter rouge drone policy and developing the skills of drivers in
the country. As per the notification released on 25th August the ministry of civil aviation was
adopting and following the rules framed by drone operators. They were planning to decrease the
fees charged to operators from 72 to 4. This project provides huge employment opportunities and
helps in technological development. So the people of New Delhi were not far away, very soon
they will be booking air taxis to travel. If the government support and other ministry support
were there then the launching days would come soon.
Are you all eagerly waiting to travel on drone air taxis? we are excited!.

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