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Conversion of digital art into an NFT

Digital art is creating a new trend in India. Now the world has digitalization power in hand.
Whatever the work may be, everything will be done digitally. Recently a GIF was sold for
$60,000 at an online auction. As this seems to be shocking news to everyone, twitter founder
Jack Dorsey tweeted that it was sold for $2.9m.
Currently, the time is going behind the ‘fine art’ technique and exploring the world of NFT (Non-
Fungible Tokens). It’s blockchain-based tokenization of a collectible item or can also be called
an art piece. It showcases the transparency about the owner of the token. This new tokenization
provides transparency on transactions and modifies the digital art without losing the other data of
pieces. NFT can be bought and sold unlike cryptocurrency which is illegal but, NFT is the legal
transactional method. This article gives the step-by-step process for creating the self NFT
collection on NFTically, it’s an NFT marketplace creator and B2B SaaS.

Step: 1 – step up MetaMask
The first is to create their own NFT online wallet for the users. crypto-assets can be stored in a
‘wallet’. This can be accessed by using the ‘private key’ and this will be equivalent to a super-
secure password. This doesn’t require the owner of the cryptocurrency. Also, it enables you to
pay blockchain gas fees and many more. browse where you can install it and can
proceed further by linking it to NFTically.

Step:2 – creating your store
Once done with the linking process of wallet to metamask, now you will be able to create your
own NFT. It navigates the and clicks the ‘create a store’ button in the menu bar.
Then immediately set up your store as a redirect.

Step:3 – list on the marketplace
Create a name for your NFT collection and then click on the ‘add new item’ button. Once done
with this procedure your store will be launched. Then you will find the settings page of the store
and you can customize the preference. You can visit through .

Step:4 – create your collection
As soon as you click on the highlighted link you will be taken to the NFT store and then start
building up your collections by clicking on the ‘create collection’ tab. Then you will be able to
upload an image, video, or audio that have been listed in NFT. You should provide name and
detailed description of your art, then set the price and then post your listing.

Step:5 – selling your NFT

To sell your first NFT blockchain transaction is required. That will be needed to pay the gas fee.
Can even send some other to your metamask, and you’re good to go. You need to pay the fee
only for the first time you create a NFT collection. ‘Gas fees’ are the transactional fees where
users pay for minting the smart contracts into the blockchain. The fee may fluctuate according to
demand rate raises in the market of cryptocurrency. Now the digital asset will be listed in the
marketplace and anyone can find it and also can purchase it on the marketplace.

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