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The duo who won Noble Prize for developing a tool for molecule building.

German Benjamin list and Scottish born David Mac-Millan were the two pioneers to win the Nobel prize 2021 in the chemistry for developing new tools for building molecules that have assisted in making use of new drugs and more eco friendly.

Their works on asymmetric organocatalysis,which was the award winning part explained as “a new and ingenious tool for molecules building”, also had helped in modification of plastics, perfume and flavours.These organic catalysts can be used as a substitute to many chemical reactions.

The Royal Swedish Academy of sciences said,”using these reactions, researchers can now construct anything efficiently from now pharmaceuticals to molecules that can light in solar cells.”The catalysts are basically molecules which remain constant that helps in speeding up the chemical reactions performed in lab or large industrial units.

The estimation performed by the academy said, the new generation of small molecule catalysts are more eco-friendly and cheaper to produce new tools. Previously,there was asymmetric catalysis,man made catalystsed substances would often contain not only the required molecules but also the unwanted mirror image.Around six decades ago,the sedatives thalidomide,which caused misappropriation in human embryos.The real fact is that there was a calculation that 35 percent of chemical catalysis was added.

53 is the director of the Max-Planck-institut fuer kohlenforschung, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany. He and Mc Millan share the prestigious 10 million swedish crown which was worth of $1.14 million divided in equal shares for breakthroughs achieved independently to each other.

There was a pretty and simple idea of organocatalysis which really enlightened a lot of different research.This was a very proud stage as there was not a huge amount of equipment and money involved in chemistry.

Few scientists recommended for a speed development of MRNA(Messenger Ribonucleic acid) are the COVID vaccines which would be recognised this year possibly in the category of medicine, they were awarded and honoured for their discoveries.

The awards for their achievements in the field of science, literature and peace were created and financed in the will of Sweden dynamite inventor and businessman Alfred Nobel.They have been awarded since 1901, first handed out in 1969

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