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Countries extending their support to help India overcome Covid-19.

Last week India reported the record of over 3,14,835 new Covid cases, which became the world’s highest within a time period of just 24hours.

While India is battling with the second wave of Coronavirus. Last Friday China mentioned that it firmly supports the Indian Government and the people in their fight against the pandemic. It has offered to assist our country during this tough time like other countries such as Russia and France etc.

As we are all aware India is facing the crisis of medical oxygen and hospital beds for the patients. Even the capital of India ran out of oxygen and had to knock the doors of the High Court to appeal for the release of medical oxygen. 

In order to manage current needs the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) had decided to import oxygen generation plants and containers from Germany. Then the armed forces began to import twenty-three mobile oxygen generation plants from Germany which was to be deployed in AFMS hospitals to cater the covid patients.

The oxygen generation plants being imported from Germany hold the capacity to produce nearly 40 litres of oxygen per minute that means production of 2,400 litres per hour. Which can help to treat around 20-25 patients throughout the day and night. Easy portability is one of the major advantages of this oxygen generation plant and are expected to arrive within this week.

Many countries have expressed their concern towards Indian government and its citizens. According to the reports, based on the need of India, China is standing ready to offer support and assistance.They are holding communication with Indian government.

Russia, France and European Union have offered to help India. As per mint news, there is a message from France President Emmanuel Macron Saying” I want to send a message of solidarity  to the Indian People, facing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases. France is with you in this struggle which spares no-one. We stand ready to provide our support”.

Recently during a conversation between Executive Vice President of the European commission Margrethe Vestager and our Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar the European union has extended their support.

 The Edhi Foundation is a charity group based in Pakistan, and has offered to help our country. The head of the group Faisal Edhi has mentioned it in a letter addressing our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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