Cyber Experts Warn of Rising Threat: Fake Amazon and Flipkart Websites Posing Serious Risks to Users”

A concern is raised in online scams amid Diwali celebrations. CloudSEK Cybersecurity officers have predicted that scammers are targeting shoppers on sites like Amazon and Flipkart through phishing campaigns. They are using methods such as crypto redirects and betting schemes to spoil the festive shopping.

828 doubtful domains in the Facebook Ads Library are detected by CloudSEK, which aim on phishing experiments. The head of cyber intelligence, Rishika Desai at CloudSEK warns people about these game websites which trap shoppers through financial fraud. They pretend to be customer service and deceive information from the shoppers.

Try to be careful during Diwali as the cybercriminals may take advantage of the festive atmosphere. They create fake websites using the name of Diwali and make tricks to prove themselves as legal, using these tricks they trap the customers and cause financial and other losses which lead to deep issues.

With Diwali related keywords, betting games are also active which redirect to Chinese betting pages. In addition, with fake promises of Diwali freebies with some questionnaires etc, crypto currency scams are active on social media websites.

Rishika Desai highlights the need of required cautions saying that “Similar situations can be occurred online with regard to it, where users are leveraging Diwali freebies to get maximum registrations to such questionable crypto platforms.”

If such suspicious activities are found, customers are required to report to maintain safety and have a joyous Diwali.

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