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New Indian Luggage Rules – compulsory for passengers to follow new guidelines issued by the department to avoid penalties. 

Indian Railways comes under one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world and it has issued new strict rules to make sure that passengers are traveling in convenience and safely in trains daily. All these rules play an important role in maintaining efficiency in the system but often they are overlooked and people are not aware of it.

The luggage cost is decided based on the type of coach the passengers choose to travel. A maximum of 40 kg of luggage is allowed on the most common one that is for sleeper coaches in Indian trains. This includes all the belongings, suitcases, bags etc. In case of an AC two-tier coach, the luggage limit is at 50 kg and in case of AC first-class, passengers are allowed with an allowance of 70 kg and makes it a more premium travel.

Actions will be taken if these limits aren’t followed. Railway department may impose fines for failing in maintaining the luggage limit and the fines are considerable. In case of sleeper coaches, if the luggage limit is exceeded more than 40 kg then a fine of Rs.654 is charged. This is applicable even for short journeys such as within a 500 km radius, and in this case if the luggage weight exceeds 40 kg, an amount of Rs.109 is imposed.

For every train traveler, it is important to know these rules and follow them to avoid fines. Not only about penalties but it also helps the railway system to function smoothly and makes a cost-effective travel experience for the passengers. To make the journey safe, hassle free and to make it a comfortable one, passengers need to be careful about these regulations. It may be a small thing, but millions of commuters travel long distances daily, henceforth, maintaining efficiency and integrity is necessary and contributes to the Indian Railways.

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