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Delta Plus variant, a caution of third wave?

Delta Plus variant, a caution of third wave ?

The covid-19 pandemic has given birth to different variants over the time. Earlier the World Health Organisation (WHO) mentioned that on detection of any transmissible variant across the countries, they will be named similar to Greek alphabets. One such variant is the Delta variant. Our country witnessed the horrific second wave of Coronavirus. From the past few weeks there has been a drop in fresh Covid positive cases and vaccination drives are being arranged in all the states in order to vaccinate the huge population of India. Nevertheless the experts have warned about the third wave of novel Coronavirus. As per the sources this variant is closely related to the dominant Delta Variant. So now the question arises, if this is the indication of the third wave?

Delta Plus Variant was initially found in Europe in the month of March, 2021. But this came into our notice on 13,June,2021.  Scientists stated that the Delta variant or B.1.617.2 has further muted to form the Delta Plus variant. This variant has additional features to the Delta variant and hence it is called B.1617.2.1 or AY.1 variant. Another worrying fact is this new variant also consists of a mutation called K417N which was found in the South African Beta variant.

This week the centre has warned about the Delta plus variant. It is categorized as a ‘variant of concern’ after receiving confirmation from INSACOG, a consortium of 28 laboratories of the Health Ministry. They had even informed that this particular Delta Plus variant has three dangerous characteristics such as Increased transmissibility, stronger binding in receptors of lung cells and potential reduction in monoclonal antibody response.

Currently, the variant has been detected in 22 cases in three states. Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh have got an advisory from the Centre about their public health response. These three states have been advised to take effective measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Since Maharashtra has witnessed horrible spike in Covid cases during the second wave the state government must ensure to take even more effective precautions than earlier.

According to findings monoclonal antibody cocktail treatment could be helpful to resist this novel variant. India has approved a therapy which holds a combination of two drugs i.e., casirivimab and imdevimab.

There are chances that this variant might affect our immune system though we are vaccinated. Studies state that vaccination reduces the need of hospitalization by 70-80 per cent, but this might not be the same in the Delta Plus variant. So we need to be cautious even after vaccination. This cannot be certainly termed as a trailer of third wave but still we need to be careful as this battle might last long.

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