Parents Express Concerns Amid Rising Covid Cases, Urge Clear Guidance from Schools

Amid a concerning surge in reported Covid-19 cases, parents are expressing apprehension about sending their children back to school. With the number of cases on the rise, many parents are seeking clear directions from both educational institutions and government authorities.

Pankaj Gupta, a member of the Parents Association of northwest Delhi, emphasized the need for schools to take proactive measures. He stated, “The situation is not critical but scary for parents. The schools must suo motto take precautionary measures and ensure social distancing and masks. If we individually try to impose masks on our children, it will be of no use, and most students would not be wearing them.” Gupta highlighted the importance of schools responding proactively to address the concerns of parents.

As of Wednesday, the country reported 614 new Covid-19 cases, marking the highest daily count since May 21. Additionally, Kerala witnessed at least three Covid-related deaths. Despite the rising numbers, schools and colleges in the National Capital Region (NCR) are operating at full capacity, with no apparent Covid protocols in place. This has left parents anxious about the safety of their children.

Priya Rana, a member of the Parents Association of Ghaziabad, stressed the need for the government to take action in anticipation of the situation. “While many students understand the Covid protocol, the children of primary and secondary [schools] hardly have any experience in dealing with such situations,” said Rana. She called for timely sensitization of children and a proactive response from both schools and the government to address the rising concerns.

The sentiment among parents is a mix of caution and a desire for clear and effective measures to ensure the safety of their children. The increasing number of cases has put the spotlight on the need for collaborative efforts between educational institutions and the government to navigate the evolving situation. Parents are hopeful that timely and decisive actions will help create a safer environment for students amid the ongoing pandemic.

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