Ever wondered? What if the whole world quits eating meat?

What if the whole world quits eating meat and turns to salad and greenies? What would that world look like? How would it result in the environment, our health and population of animal? You might even say no to your coffee and ice cream. We shall explore all such questions in this blog, so let’s dive into it.

Around 8% of the world population is purely vegetarians i.e., 20 million vegans are present, this is 6 times increase from the year 2015. The world is becoming more greeny lovers for the past few decades and the “go vegan” cheer have been hard loud all over the world. Once a necessary diet is now considered harm.

Do you know that about a quarter of greenhouse gas is produced by the animals who produce our diet? And the culprit among this is cow farms. Yes you read it right, they produce equal greenhouse gas as that of planes, ships and trains combined. There are around 1.5 billion cows around the world and every cow produces 120 kg of methane gas every year (don’t try to calculate). Not to forget that methane is 23 times more effective than carbon dioxide in case of warming our planet. Just imagine the situation.

Let’s say we all saw the dangers of such farms and try to eradicate these. The animals would be left in wild to live on its own, the hybrid one must be killed since they simply cannot survive on wild. Broiler chickens are bit of a worry but it should be taken care until it dies. The land used for farms can be used to bring back the wild and it’s also plays a major role in reducing carbon dioxide count. For the farm take carers can go green and cultivate plants (has the demand for them will rise).

Most of the heart related disorder are due to the red meat which can be avoided by you becoming vegetarian. Yeah! Problem solved. Not to forget also few of the cancers are due to the meat consumption it also can be restricted if you quit meat.

Meat might be good in protein but other essential minerals, fatty acid and vitamins can only be acquired through plant sources, and it shouldn’t be forgotten that few of the plants diet like soybeans is rich in protein and also it contains other essential materials in it.

Things all said it is not a easy task to eradicate meat consumption. The traditional farmers who depend mainly on these kind of job will be affected by this change. And who really want to quit meat anyway. But if it can extend our life and the life of earth, it’s worth a try. Rather eat the grain than the one eats the grain.

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