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NASA’s Percy successfully lands on the Red planet.

The Rover and Helicopter launched by NASA on 30th July, 2020 on an Atlas V launch vehicle had a goal of landing on Jezero crater on Mars one of the eight shortlisted places for the vehicle to land and for  experimenting exobiological relevance of former habitat on Mars and also its geological processes. It will look into the possibility of life on Mars back in days and for the future. All the possibilities for humans to land there will also be verified with the help of Perseverance, the rover and Ingenuity, the robotic helicopter. The vehicle is so designed that it is capable of carrying back the rock core and soil samples to Earth for various other experiments. NASA has planned to send humans to the Red planet by 2030 and the pre-work is done through Mars 2020 mission

The Satellite launched in 2020 reached the Red planet on February 18th, 2021 and is functioning according to the estimation of the scientists and they were also able to view the smooth landing of the vehicle with the help of a parachute. The rover sent the first few pictures of the Martian surface as soon as it landed and also an 18 seconds audio was available where the gushing of wind was heard. The rover will be helping the scientists on planet Earth to make future estimation about Mars and the Robotic helicopter will reach places where humans cannot imagine to land on Mars. Henceforth NASA plans to know everything about Mars before humans can land there for further experiments.

NASA which had already sent a robot Curiosity back in 2012 has been there for 3000 and odd days in Gale Crater has been doing great with its job and the Perseverance is been designed in the similar manner except for its wheels whose design has been changed to meet the requirements of the present mission.

Before the satellite was ready for launch, NASA experimented with a drive called “Send your name to Mars” so as to reach the public and also to acknowledge them about the mission and in June 2019 they had received thousands of names and by March 2020 they had finalised the name as ‘Perseverance’. Through this mission they also acclaimed the corona warriors all over the world by attaching an aluminium plate on the vehicle which had a logo describing the Doctors, Planet Earth and also the path that the vehicle took off from Earth to Mars. 

Hence in the coming days NASA will be updating us on its various achievements of landing on Mars and the result of various experiments which will benefit the world in large.

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