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Gas Cylinder Price Rise Once More in November 2023 Under Modi Government. Tea, Dosa, Chapati may be expensive?

In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the commercial sector, Modi Government have increased the prices of 19 kg commercial LPG cylinders by a substantial margin.

Just a month ago, on October 1, consumers were hit with an even more substantial increase, with prices soaring by Rs 209. The new price hike, effective from November 1, 2023, adds an additional burden of Rs 101.50 to businesses and industries reliant on commercial LPG.

Commercial LPG Cylinder Prices in Major Cities 

The impact of this LPG price hike is particularly pronounced in the capital city, Delhi, where the cost of a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder has reached Rs 1833. The implications of this increase are significant for businesses and industries in the region that depend on LPG for their operations. In Kolkata, the price of a similar 19 kg cylinder now stands at Rs 1943. Meanwhile, in Mumbai, businesses are contending with a price of Rs 1785.50 for a 19 kg cylinder, and in Chennai, the cost is a hefty Rs 1999.50. The rise in commercial LPG prices is causing concern among various sectors as they grapple with the financial strain it places on their operations.

No Change in Domestic LPG Prices. 

In contrast to the price fluctuations in commercial LPG, domestic LPG cylinder prices remain unchanged. In Delhi, a 14 kg domestic LPG cylinder is available at a steady price of Rs 903, offering some respite to households. Similarly, in Kolkata, a 14 kg cylinder is being sold at Rs 929,


The surge in commercial gas cylinder prices is expected to result in a substantial hike in the prices of restaurant-prepared dishes and packaged cooked food, rendering them notably pricier. This inflationary trend will extend to even basic items like a cup of tea, significantly impacting their affordability.

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