Govind Jaiswal, son of a rickshaw puller, cracks UPSC in his first attempt with an All India Rank (AIR) of 48.

Govind Jaiswal’s journey from adversity to success is a testament to determination and familial sacrifice. Hailing from Varanasi, his father, initially a rickshaw puller who worked hard to acquire 35 rickshaws, faced a setback when Govind’s mother fell seriously ill in 1995. Despite selling 20 rickshaws for her treatment, she tragically passed away.

In 2004-2005, with dreams of becoming an IAS officer, Govind embarked on his UPSC exam preparation journey in Delhi. His father, undeterred by financial constraints, emerged as a hero, selling 14 more rickshaws to fund Govind’s education. Left with only one rickshaw, Govind’s father personally operated it to support his son’s studies.

Govind dedicated himself completely to study from the firm support received from his father and this made Govind more determined. And in 2006, it was his first attempt and for all his hard work, Govind cleared the UPSC exam in the very first attempt with a splendid All India Rank (AIR) of 48. His story and success serves as an inspiration to many and proves that adversity, resilience and commitment pays off and can lead to greater heights. 

Govind Jaiswal’s narrative highlights the transformative power of education and the sacrifices made by his father to enable his son’s pursuit of a brighter future. It exemplifies the idea that regardless of financial constraints, with perseverance and familial support, one can overcome challenges and reach the pinnacle of success, as Govind did in securing a desired position as an IAS officer.


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