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iPhone now allows you to call and message without network

to make a call or to send the messages through any android cell we need good bandwidth and network
connection. But here you need not have such network coverage to make a call and to send the messages
to another person. iPhone bought such an opportunity for their users. These are likely to have low-
earth-orbit satellite features. To embrace these features Apple uses Qualcomm’s customized X60
baseband chip and allows LEO satellites to rely on lower orbit satellites. Their certain merits to meet the
LEO connectivity are, the telecom operators will work with satellite services companies and if this is
successful then iPhone 13 will create another benchmark in the smartphone platform.
Apple had planned to bring up the new settings of standard quality of iPhone, if this is successful then
they will raise their benchmark for the coming generations of iPhone manufacturers. This would make a
giant noise in the tech business and yet everyone would start to adapt the techniques or strategies of
the new launch.
Having satellite communication in smartphones will be a huge gamble. These satellite communications
are used in defense and navy land and for many other purposes. To avoid the security threat Apple
planned to modify the feature. The feature is, an iPhone user can make a call or send messages even
without network coverage. This is of a standard quality and allows all other tech phones to look back at
Apple’s strategy.
Work of LEO satellite on iPhone 13 –
● It works like Qualcomm’s customized X60 baseband chip. Said Kuo.
● Without the cellular coverage of the 4G and 5G network, users can ring up or send messages.
● To work with Globalstar LEO connectivity is essential to operate the iPhone 13.
Further, the analysts mention that satellite communication shall be optimistic and will create a
Cupertino-based tech giant in communication technology.
iPhone will be the first to use this tech –
So far, no other brand has come up with this latest technology. So according to the reports, Apple will
be the first to launch this by 2022 as Qualcomm’s X65 baseband chip worldwide.

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