Jammu and Kashmir Former Governor’s allegation against Modi about Pulwama.

Ex- Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Satya Pal Malik made an allegation on 14th April 2023 that ,PM Narendra Modi told him not to make conversation about the failures that caused the terrorist attack at Pulwama in 2019.

Mr.Malik was the governor of Pulwama district in February 2019 and the Article 370 was canceled in the same year. He said that the main reason for this attack was due to the irresponsibility and the inadequacies of the Union home ministry and the Central Reserve Police Force, which was ruled by Rajnath Singh.

On February 14, 2019, an explosive-loaded car with 40 CRPF personnel was driven by a suicide bombardier and crashed into a bus killing all 40 of them in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. Later, the Pakistani terrorist Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility for this Pulwama attack.

Malik claimed that the Central Reserve of Police Force(CRPF) had approached for airframes to carry their personnel, because “such a major team would not go by road”.The team had compromised 78 vehicles to carry  2500 CRPF personnel and became the target for the terrorists.

The former  Governor said that the CRPF personnel needed only five aircrafts, but those aircrafts were not given to them. He said that this attack would not have happened if we had provided them with the required aircrafts, this attack is wholly our mistake, and the same was conveyed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that evening, But the PM asked the Former Governor to stay silent about this topic.

The former Governor of J&K made an allegation that the escort’s route was not checked effectively. He also said that there are  around 8-10 connecting roads on that way…particularly in that area, and those roads should have been effectively guarded by the cops so that nobody can invade that area. But the routes were not guarded properly by anyone.

During the interview on 14th April, the former governor made a statement that Prime Minister Modi “doesn’t hate corruption very much”.

Mr.Malik had served as the Governor of Goa from 2019 November to 2020 August.He also claimed that he was sent to Meghalaya after he questioned about many instances of corruption with the prime minister in August 2020.

Malik then exposed that when he was the Governor of Meghalaya in October 2021,he was approached by Ram Madhav, the BJP-RSS leader during his tenure, to unlock the Reliance insurance scheme and the hydro-electric scheme. But, he refused saying he will not do the wrong thing. He also claimed that the BJP-RSS leader would receive 300 crores for unlocking both the schemes.

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