Malcolm Knowles theory of adult learning

  • It is very important to know about adult learning theory. There is no shame or drawbacks in this matter.
    Every human being needs to study this theory as its part of our learning subjects.
    Adult learning theory can also be called andragogy. Andragogy is a concept that existed years together.
    The study states about knowing the response from the adults and knowing about the training providers.
    This theory is simple and can be implemented in the corporate learning strategy.
    Then, what exactly does the adult learning theory state?
    This theory was developed by Malcolm Knowles in 1968, andragogy or adult learning theory is a concept
    of adults learning or study, it gives the differentiation between the children. The aim is to show the
    distinctness of adult learning and to identify the styles of learning that suit them best. This theory has
    been already implemented. This theory has four main assumptions and five key principles of andragogy.
    The theory works in particular businesses, workplaces, and works like soft skills.
    Five assumptions of andragogy –
    These five assumptions give the idea on treatment and prefer to train the learning.
    1. Self-concept
    2. Adult learner experience
    3. Readiness to learn
    4. Orientation of learning
    5. Motivation to learn
    Four key principles of andragogy –
    1. Adult learning is a unique theory to study and upholds the four central principles to explain the
    best-developed training method.
    2. Learning is all about involvement in training, delivering, and executing the training plan. It
    involves control over how, when, and what they learn.
    3. Through their past experiences, the adults draw the learning process under the great context of
    4. There is the point of memorizing the facts and information in the case of adult learning. We
    need to solve the problems and use the reasoning method while presenting the theory.
    Adults should know about the usage of information and the applicability of their learning. They can
    implement the theory immediately in their day-to-day lives.
    Application of adult learning in the corporate field –
    The theory is usually used by the corporate sector and how a trainer is going to give their best practical
    applicability in the corporate learning. The following are a few tips towards the usage of theory in e-

● Analyzing the learning with theory in mind.
● Collaborating the learning along with providing strategy.
● Enabling self-directed learning.
● Using real-world learning examples.
● Figuring the theory by learners.
● The major key is experimentation.
Adult learning theories –
The below points state the theories on adult learning. How it can be implemented and how effective it is
in the field of research.
● Transformative learning
● Self-directed learning
● Experimental learning
● Andragogy
Here we can observe more and many variations of learning the theory. Each provides its insight into the
ways of adult learning strategy. It is very important to find the approaches that blend several theories
and can work on the majority.
Therefore adult learning theory is very important for both kids as well as adults. The trainer needs to
understand the present state of mind of each individual and try to reach out to understand them
through the usage of theory.

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