Nitish Kumar: How Many Ministers for 12 MPs? Important JDU Meeting Before NDA

With the announcement of the 2024 Lok Sabha election results, political activities have accelerated significantly. Amidst this, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is set to hold a meeting with the Janata Dal (United) [JDU] on Friday morning, June 7. Reports indicate that during this meeting, three JDU MPs may be sworn in as ministers.

The 2024 Lok Sabha election results have surprised everyone, proving all exit polls wrong. The INDIA coalition secured 234 seats, while the BJP won 240 seats, falling short of the 272-seat majority mark. Even with its allies, the BJP-led NDA could not reach the 300-seat mark, securing a total of 292 seats, which is more than the required majority. With the support of Naidu’s TDP and Nitish Kumar’s JDU, the NDA has begun the process of forming the government.

To address this situation, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called for a meeting of the JDU parliamentary party in Delhi on Friday. All newly elected JDU MPs will be present at this meeting, along with JDU’s Rajya Sabha members and senior officials. Sources suggest that during this meeting, three JDU MPs may be selected for ministerial positions and sworn in. Following this meeting, Nitish Kumar will attend the NDA meeting in Delhi.

Three Ministers from 12 MPs

In the JDU meeting, it is expected that three out of the 12 JDU MPs will be chosen for ministerial roles and will take the oath of office. JDU aims to include both veteran and new leaders in the new government’s cabinet, keeping in mind the upcoming assembly elections.

Earlier, there were speculations that JDU had demanded specific ministries. However, JDU leaders clarified that no such conditions were set regarding which departments they wanted at the center. In this meeting, Nitish Kumar, in his capacity as the party’s national president, will make decisions on various issues. Additionally, Nitish Kumar may be honored in this meeting, as JDU has achieved significant success in the state under his leadership.

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