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Now obtain Driving License Without a Driving Test Under Revised rules.

Securing a driving license has undergone a substantial ease-up courtesy of the Central Government, eliminating the difficult process of visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and enduring lengthy queues. The revised regulations signifies simplification in the criteria for obtaining a driving license. Notably, the need for a driving test at the RTO has been entirely abolished. The latest directives from the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have brought about these positive changes, and they are currently in effect. This development is undeniably a source of considerable relief for individuals navigating the licensing procedure.

As per the ministry’s guidance, the traditional wait for a driving test at the RTO is no longer necessary. Individuals can now opt to register for a license through accredited driving training institutes. Upon successful completion of the required tests, applicants will be certified by the institute. This certificate will serve as the basis for obtaining the applicant’s driving license.

For training facilities catering to two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and light motor vehicles, a minimum of one acre of land is mandated. Centers focused on medium and heavy passenger goods vehicles or trailers should have a minimum land area of two acres. Qualified trainers are required to possess a diploma equivalent to at least a 12th class education. Additionally, they must have a minimum of five years of driving experience and a comprehensive understanding of traffic rules.

The course for light motor vehicles has a prescribed maximum duration of 4 weeks and 29 hours. During this period, participants will dedicate 21 hours to mastering fundamental skills such as navigating basic roads, rural routes, highways, city streets, parking, reversing, and driving on inclines. Furthermore, an additional 8 hours will be allocated to cover topics including road etiquette, traffic-related information, understanding accident causes, first aid, and insights into handling petrol and diesel while driving.

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