PM Modi Praises Nitish Kumar’s Bihar Leadership in Meeting with JD(U) MPs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s leadership during a meeting with MPs from the Janata Dal (United) on Thursday. Modi expressed his appreciation for Kumar’s role in steering Bihar towards development. He mentioned that their parties have a long history of collaborating to combat poor governance, corruption, and criminal activities in the state. Modi highlighted that Nitish Kumar’s leadership has significantly contributed to Bihar’s progress and reaffirmed their commitment to working together for good governance.

Modi shared his thoughts on social media, stating, “Had a great meeting with JD(U) MPs. Our parties have a long history of working together and fighting poor governance, corruption, and criminalization in Bihar. The leadership of Nitish Kumar Ji has taken Bihar on the path of development. We will keep working together for good governance.”

The Janata Dal (United), with 12 MPs in the Lok Sabha, is the second-largest ally of the BJP. Modi’s meeting with JD(U) MPs follows his Wednesday meeting with Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MPs, who have 16 MPs in the Lok Sabha, making TDP the largest BJP ally. Both the TDP and the JD(U) have two members each in the Union Council of Ministers, highlighting their significant roles in the coalition government.

Modi’s meetings with these key allies underscore the BJP’s strategy of maintaining strong alliances with regional parties to ensure stable governance and continued development in various states. The collaborative efforts between BJP and its allies like JD(U) and TDP aim to address issues such as corruption and criminalization while promoting good governance and development.

In conclusion, Modi’s acknowledgment of Nitish Kumar’s leadership and the continued cooperation between their parties highlight the importance of strong political alliances in achieving developmental goals and ensuring effective governance in Bihar and beyond.

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