Rahul Gandhi visits bike mechanic shop in Delhi to understand their hopes & concerns.

Delhi- Rahul Gandhi visits mechanic workshop and helps in fixing two-wheeler.

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leaders on Tuesday visited a bike mechanic workshop at Karol Bagh area in Delhi. Congress party shared a few images in which Rahul Gandhi was seen conversing with the mechanics at the workshop and he also picked up the screwdriver to repair the motorcycles at the mechanic shop.

Rahul Gandhi shared an image of him visiting the workshop in his Facebook account and wrote that, “Learning from the hands of people who turn spanners and make the wheels keep moving in the country”.

The Congress party wrote a tweet in Hindi while sharing the image of Rahul Gandhi visiting the mechanic workshop in Delhi stating, “Only a true hero like him can encourage people like this, the grease on their clothes is our pride and dignity, these hands make India” and the lines further continued.

Delhi Congress party tweeted the photographs of the same and posted in Hindi that, “They have a great relationships with the people and they know how to manage those relationships”.

The Congress twitter handle also posted an image and tweeted that, “Bharat jodo Yatra is on”.

Rahul Gandhi started listening to the problems of the common people in the country and is often seen interacting with the people since the end of Bharat Jodo Yatra, and the same is being shared in his youtube channel.

Recently, the Congress leader went to the 190 km truck yatra in America during his visit to the United States. The ‘American Truck Yatra’ started from Washington DC to New York with the driver and his companion (Taljinder Singh Vicky Gill and Ranjeet Singh Banipal as his companion). Few days back, when Gandhi traveled from Delhi to Chandigarh in the late night, he tried to recognize the problems that were faced by the truck drivers in India.

During the MP elections in Karnataka, the ex-Congress MP was seen conversing with the college going students and the women crowded at the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus stop. He was listening to problems related to the motor workers and delivery partners with concern to delivery over a coffee and masala dosa meal. Rahul Gandhi went to the Men’s hostel at the Delhi University on May 10th and ate lunch with them.

Violence-struck Manipur visit has been planned by the senior Congress leader for 2 days from June 29 where he will visit the relief camps and interact with the people of the Civil community about their problems.

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