The Democratic challenger Joe Biden is getting closer to the magic number 270. Who will win the battle?

The Democratic challenger Joe Biden is getting closer to the magic number 270.

Who will win the battle?

Joe Biden the former vice president has 264 electoral votes and is leading in the overall Electoral College vote tally while the Republican candidate and incumbent president Donald Trump has only 214electoral votes.

Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia and Iowa are the major states that hold the key to White House. On Wednesday the Republican Nominee Donald Trump who stated that he has already won the election filed a lawsuit in 3 major battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia in order to halt the counting of votes.

But even after all these twists and turns in the election process Joe Biden has surpassed Donald Trump. On Friday there was a tough contest in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The Democratic candidate was already leading in two major Midwest battleground states Wisconsin and Michigan. He then overtook Donald Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania. As per the reports now Biden is leading in Nevada and Arizona too. Hence the Democratic party is very close to the magic number 270 that will lead to the White House. Six more electoral college votes in favour of Biden fetch him victory in the presidential election.

North Carolina is one of the battleground states that could give 15 electoral college votes and luckily Trump is leading there. But he has to lead in three more states to win the election.Neither of them have yet got 270 electoral votes required to win the election. The entire world is waiting with its eyes and ears wide open to know the final result that will declare the President of America who will lead for the next 4 years.


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