Uninstall Unacademy trends on twitter. Over 1 lakh users uninstalled Unacademy app

Karan Sangwan, a former Unacademy tutor, who is known for his YouTube channel “Legal Pathsala” lost his position in the company for expressing his views on government elections.

 During an online class on August 19, he encouraged his students to vote for educated candidates. But somehow this triggered controversy among right-wing circles. Consequently, he was dismissed from his position.

The co-founder of Unacademy, Roman Saini, justified Sangwan’s removal as a breach of contract, emphasizing that there is no place for personal opinions  in classrooms. This grabbed criticism, prompting the trending hashtag #UninstallUnacademy on Twitter. Moreover, this movement led to widespread uninstallations of the Unacademy app just within a span of 24 hours. 

Karan Sangwan had previously urged the public to refrain from voting for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This action of his received both support and backlash, bringing him into the limelight. The recent situation, his dismissal from Unacademy, pulled him back into the digital spotlight. 

This incident highlights the political backdrop involving the BJP’s reforms, which have brought about major changes to tussling legal matters such as the IPC, CrPC, and IEA. These changes have driven discussions and debates across the country. Meanwhile, Sangwan’s removal from Unacademy, a famous online education platform, ironically sparked controversy.

However, recent events have revealed a disconcerting trend where differing views had to face intolerance and repercussions. Karan Sangwan’s dismissal from Unacademy for expressing his electoral preferences exemplifies this trend. The hashtag UninstallUnacademy movement  reveals the power of social media in shaping public sentiment. 


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