20 Courses after Class 12th Arts.

The Humanities and Arts stream is often considered as a creative pathway that offers diverse options and is an excellent choice for students with a theoretical interest. In Spite of misunderstanding about its difficulty, this stream exaggerates a wider range of career opportunities than any other streams. Moreover, the courses are accessible to students from various backgrounds.

A foundation in Arts qualifies students for various professions like teaching, law, nursing, social work, politics, business, television, radio, acting, design, content writing, singing, and many others. The broad range of subjects contributes to this huge scope of opportunities. Here’s a list of courses that can be pursued after completing the 12th-grade Humanities/Arts stream.

1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts

3. Integrated Law (B.A + L.L.B)

4. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

5. Bachelor of Fashion Design

6. Bachelor of Political Science

7. Bachelor of English

8. Bachelor of Sociology

9. Paramedical Course- Degree

10. Interior Design

11. Animation

12. Sound Recording

13. Photography

14. Tour & Tourism

15. Event Management

16. Paramedical Course Diploma

17. Hotel Management

18. Social work

19. Teaching

20. Subject wise Courses – After completing the 12th grade, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in specific subjects like Economics, Political Science, English, and Sociology creates various career options:

Sociology can lead to careers like Social Worker, Journalist, Rehabilitation Counselor or Family Counselor.

Political Science graduates can become Business Executives, Political Scientists, Political Consultants, Professors or Government Officials.

Economics offers career paths as Economists, Financial Risk Analysts, Data Analysts, Accountants, or Financial Consultants.

English graduates can pursue careers as Professors, Content Writers, Copywriters, Feature Writers or Script Writers.

After the completion of 12th grade in the Arts stream, various high-paying career opportunities are available through UG programs and PG programs in specialized fields. When equipped with an appropriate education and experience, students can opt any of these top courses and can anticipate profitable salaries across a range of industries.

Depending on experience and qualifications, a Professor’s salary ranges from 3 LPA to 16 LPA. Graduates in the law field can expect an average salary of 7 LPA. Air hostesses typically earn around 5 LPA on average. Event management offers an average salary ranging from 4 to 5 LPA. Fashion Design and Graphic Design offer average salaries in the range of 3 to 4 LPA. Graduates in interior design can expect an average salary of around 3 LPA. The average salary for photographers is around 3 LPA.

A wide variety of courses provides exciting career prospects and the potential to earn high salaries. The choice depends on the interests and career goals of an individual, whether they are planning to pursue further education, enter into the job market, or start their own venture. Whatever the path is, the Arts course suits all of those. With dedication and determination, dreams can be realized and a meaningful contribution can be made to the world.

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