Announcement of results of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme ( IBDP).

The pandemic had created hurdles for the education system all over the world . It was a challenge for all the educational boards and institutions to deal with the uncertain situation. When the school students were in a dilemma about their future, the International Baccalaureate (IB) strived to provide better education globally. When the conditions were not favorable to conduct exams in the physical presence of the students  the IB board opted for a non-exam route to assess. The focus was on to give equal opportunity to all the students hence they adopted dual routes.

On the decision to adopt dual route for  2021, the IB Heads Council mentioned- “We believe that the IB’s approach to the May 2021 examination-in which schools that could sit the exams did so-was the fairest possible solution. We also believe the non-exam route for allocating results to students who were unable to take exams was fair, clear and allowed for grades to be distributed that reflect their achievements and abilities.”

 On 6th July and 7th July students across the globe received their  IB Diploma Programme (DP) and Career- related Programme (CP) results.

Their efforts and commitment has given them success with an increase in the pass percentage. According to International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) data, In the previous year i.e., May 2020 the IB Diploma pass rate was 85.18 per cent but this year  88.96 per cent is the pass percentage recorded, which indicates the rise in the percentage. As per their data, the candidates were 1,74,360 in number for the May 2020 session while there were 1,70,660 candidates for the May 2021 session.

As per the data of IBO,  1,04,275 students out of 1,70,660 students were assessed in the non-exam route while 65,576 students were a part of the exam route and the rest 809 candidates were split between the dual routes. The number of Diploma Programme candidates for the May 2020 session was 86,657 , whereas for the May 2021 session it was 87,307 candidates. Previously the average diploma score was 31.34 points but, this year it has increased to 33.02 points. The average diploma score is 5.19 for the May 2021 session, up from 4.95 in May 2020 and the Diploma pass rate has increased from 85.18% in May 2020 to 88.96% in May 2021. The number of candidates who scored 40-45 points is 15,513 up from 9,701 in May 2020.

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