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Armenia ahead in eco-frienldy practices to protect the environment

            Armenia, hedged in with other lands, is situated in Asia with its capital as Yerevan. There is poverty in many areas in Armenia and exactly the opposite situation in certain areas.  In 1920 local communist’s invaded Armenia and after that the country faced a lot of economic downfall and till date they are trying to come over the downfall. The small and medium scale companies are still struggling to establish their companies. Change will be possible only when it is profitable. From water recycling in recent years Armenia has made a lot of profits. In earlier times the companies gave no importance to eco-friendly grown plants, but now there are changes that are coming up. With the help of eco-friendly grown plants Armenia is establishing new business ventures and are also trying new methods of agriculture to save the environment.

               They say that if they are successful in reorganising the production design then it will be one of the best business decisions. Armenia is mostly dependent on agricultural income. In the foothills of Mount Ararat they grow grains, fruits and vegetables as one of the most important agricultural products. In this place approx. 3000 hours of sunlight will be available and as a result of this they grow a certain variety of fruits and make dry fruits out of them. They grow the fruits and vegetables in the most eco-friendly manner without using insecticides and pesticides. In the Caucasus this eco-friendly way of growing plants was introduced by REC an NGO in Armenia that helped them and taught them about protecting the environment. The plants are now grown using solar energy and its ventilation is also cost friendly. The process of drying the fruits has now become 5 times faster. By using this method it saves both energy and money. They add up saying that in areas like Armenia, Caucasus and other surrounding regions the agricultural production is not that high that they cannot compete with the neighbouring countries like Iran or Turkey. Armenia is a small country that requires competitive manufacturers as fruits and dry fruits are such kinds of products.

                 These dry fruits have received certificates from the European commission for food safety and quality and they are now sold in France also. People of Armenia are an inspiration to the rest of the world due to their acts for environment protection. Their behaviour itself is such that if they start something they complete it in a proper manner with goods results.

             Many Armenia businesses want to reach European markets and establish their business units there but for that they have to raise the production standards and also represent in the environmental forces too.

              Industries contribute only 25% of total national income in Armenia’s economy. There is a battery production factory in the outskirts of Armenia which releases a lot of natural waste. They have bought out a solution for this problem too. Not a lot of people are looking into this environmental issue especially the industrialists as they are worried only about their business and it is not important they should know everything and its impact on the environment. But in this factory they recycle and reuse a lot of materials to protect the environment from pollution. Before charging the car batteries they have to cool it down using water, this factory cleans the water after every use so that it can be used again and the lead waste will be recycled and melted again. This way they are saving a lot of money and in return making profits every year.

                    If the factory was one example to recycle and reuse the waste, there are also bakeries that are using the same techniques. If any pastries are left over they don’t waste them, but instead make biscuits out of it. If bread is not sold and stock is left over in the bakery, an NGO crumbles these bread and makes bread crumbs out of it which has proved to be the best selling product till date. Sometimes the solution will be small but it makes greater difference when implemented.

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