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Reason behind the bioluminescence waters

Reason behind Bioluminescence waters.

Like in a fairytale, the dark sky with million stars above and a beautiful glowing sea, it was no less than fantasy!. Yes, people have witnessed glowing waters on the seashore of Udupi beaches, Padukere. Late night after 11 p.m. the water waves hitting the seashore were glowing to its brightest blue shade. This attracted many visitors and soon welcomed tourists from different places. This was of new experience for the local residents as well. By 11 p.m. and above it starts glowing and it becomes a complete glowing Waters with neon blue around midnight. Imagine watching shining stars in the pitch black sky while walking aside the shore with glowing water waves hitting your feet? Indeed it sounds more like a fantasy.

This happening is called bioluminescence activity. This rare bioluminescence activity has been recorded in Padukere,Udupi,Mattu Beaches. The seashore of these places like Padukere, Maple can witness the bright blue glowing Waters during night. It has attracted many photographers to capture the rare bioluminescence activity in the beaches.

Have you ever wondered the reason behind this phenomenon?

There are many Marine creatures which produce light in their body. Some among them are algae. This natural chemical process makes it seem like the ocean is glowing but in reality it is the creatures such as algae, tiny crustaceans/ ostracod crustaceans, squids etc in the ocean which glow when it’s stressed.

This occurs when there is a lot of bioluminescence in the ocean waters which are usually from algae Bloom of plankton.This bioluminescence phenomenon occurs in calm and warm water conditions.

As we all know that there was a reduction in human interference with nature due to the covid-19 pandemic. It has led to the healing of Oceans and atmosphere. There was less usage of plastic in this period which led to clean waters near sea shores and the ocean waters have regained their best state. The bioluminescence phenomenon has shown how beautiful nature can be.

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