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Delhi- Banks, Schools, Market, Taxi, Flights, Trains etc shuts in Delhi during G20 Summit on 8th to 10th Sept 

In the month of September, an eagerly awaited G20 summit will take place in Delhi. Preparations related to this summit have also been completed in Delhi. The Delhi government has declared a holiday for 8 September, 9 and 10 in view of the G20 Summit. For those three days, all public offices of the Delhi government and Municipal Corporation shall be shut down. There will also be a holiday of three days for all the schools. In addition, a traffic advisory was drawn up by the Delhi Police.

There will be a closure of banks and financial institutions located within the New Delhi Police District. There will also be a closure of shops and businesses that have been marked by the police. In these 3 days, a virtual support line will be set up so that people don’t have to deal with any problems and the information about the various routes can be accessed through the helpdesk. It’d be better if people could get into New Delhi on the Metro. No restriction will be laid down outside the NDMC area in this case. From the night of September 7th, commercial vehicle access will be prohibited in the New Delhi area. But there will be no restriction as far as the carrying of basic goods is concerned. Buses will no longer be able to service the NDMC area as a result. They’ll have to take a metro if any of these three has to go to the airport. It would take more time to travel in the care due to VVIP traffic jams and the road will be closed on several occasions.

The Eastern Peripheral Expressway will be used to divert trains that have to pass only through Delhi. For these three days, it will also not be possible to bring goods vehicles into New Delhi. In parallel, it will be possible for vehicles transporting basic goods to pass through a specific route. For these three days, taxis and cars will not be allowed to travel within Control Zone 1, but those who live in this area or own a car that they book online can take advantage of free movement.

The Supreme Court’s Metro Station will continue to close for passengers, despite the fact that metro services may not be interrupted. From this metro station, you will not be able to board the metro, nor will you be able to leave the metro. In parallel, in order to facilitate general traffic, the Pragati Maidan Tunnel, Mathura Road and Bhairon Road shall be completely closed. The Metro will not impose restrictions as to how far they can go into New Delhi. The Delhi Traffic Police will lay out routes for railway stations, airports and hospitals so that the public’s safety is ensured.

From 7 and 8 o’clock in the evening, Control zones shall be opened for each day until 11 in the afternoon. Control Zone 2 and Restricted Area at the same time,will be in effect from 9 and 10 pm through 2 pm on November 11.Twenty vital points for green corridors will be available in 24 hours on these days. It is possible to access the information regarding the transportation service, traffic management, Essential Maps, medical and ambulance traffic updates from the G20 Virtual Helpdesk.

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