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Israel and Palestine Conflict, will it come to an end?

India had connections with Israel from 1947, in that year  it had voted against the UN partition plan of Mandate Palestine. During 1970’s  India was the first non-Arab country to support the Palestine Liberation Organisation(PLO )led by Yasser Arafat who represented Palestinians in the General Assembly. So, that is how India established complete diplomatic ties with Israel and it was neutral in its decision regarding this problem. In 1992, India’s diplomatic tie with Israel was established and Israel started its embassy in the capital city of India (New Delhi) while India opened its embassy in Tel Aviv.

India  had been supporting UN resolutions in favor of Palestine for many years and at times abstained from it as well. On May 27th India abstained the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) resolution to setup a permanent commission to investigate violations related to recent Gaza Violence, and into the “systematic” abuses in the Palestinian territories and  Israel. However, the resolution passed with 24 votes. Pakistan, China, Russia, Sudan , Mexico etc voted in favor of it, but there were nine votes against, including Germany, UK and Austria.  India is one among those 14 countries which  abstained from the resolution, including France, Nepal, South Korea, Brazil and Japan.  So the 47-member council adopted a resolution proposed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Palestine delegation to the UN.

The Israeli- Palestinian issue has existed over a very long time with the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank. Often we find fights between Israel and Palestinians Living in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians and Israel have disagreement on various issues. Last month there was a devastating conflict for 11days  in the territories of  Gaza. This was a deadly clash in which over 250 people were killed including more than 60 children and nearly 1900 people were wounded.  

Later, on 21st May  a ceasefire was agreed between Israel and Hamas.  But, in spite of the that  the condition was out of hand, many families had lost their loved ones. The horrifying attack has left everyone in a trauma which has forced them to recall six years ago Gaza war. Back then in 2014 the fight went on almost for 53 days from 8th July – 26th August leading to thousands of deaths. The recent violence is one such incident since 2014 that has not only affected the people physically but also mentally.Now these effects might linger for some more time in the minds of people.

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