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Land bill 2020

Land bill 2020

The land reforms amendment bill passed by Karnataka Government during the end of September 2020 had a lot of issues arising.

The main purpose of the land reforms amendment bill said by the government was to develop the agricultural sector and aid the farmers. This reform gave rights for non-agriculturists to purchase agricultural lands.

  However, it received opposition from political parties and farmers Organisations stating this bill would become a key for industrialists and corporate companies to buy agricultural land in bulk. The government views this bill as an act that will attract non-agriculturists to come forward and opt agriculture.

Modernization in agriculture will be possible. There were few changes made in the 1961 amendment. According to the 1961 land reforms bill, there were a lot of restrictions in purchasing land which were now removed in the land reforms bill passed on sept 2020.The purchasing ability of farm lands had few conditions such as 79(A) says, They must have limited Non agricultural income (upto 25 Lakhs per annum) to buy agricultural land.79(B) which completely denies the purchase of land for certain persons. Regarding the penalty for the false claim of agricultural land has been simplified with section 79(C) that says , Any false claiming eligibility to own the land will have to pay the required amount of penalty.

The bill also says about irrigation. If the land is irrigated from the dam water then that particular land has to be agricultural land only. The bill has restrictions on the number of acres a family can own . Land for four people in a family is up to 54acres where as 108 acres for a larger family.

Despite all these, Chief minister BS Yedurappa gave an assurance for the farmers that no harm will be done to their lands .

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