Why are King Cobras called “KING” ?

King cobras are considered as the world’s longest venomous snakes. They can grow up to 18 feet long. These creatures can survive both on land as well as water. Cobras are mostly found in forests and are incredible swimmers.

King cobras are the only snakes to be found so far to build nests for their eggs and not to forget they are amazing hunters as well. These snakes are pretty dangerous when it comes to their eggs as they guard them until it hatches.


Now, why are they called kings!?

Here’s why

Cobras are capable of killing and eating their own species as well as other snakes. Some of them include pythons as well. These creatures feed on other snakes and reptiles like lizards, small frogs, eggs, small birds and other tiny mammals.The longest snakes such as python also have to fear the cobras because of its powerful venom.

These snakes can spit venom from a distance of three feet and the victim has only 30 minutes to be rescued! If the right steps are taken by injecting antivenom ,there are chances for the victim to survive.

There is no evidence found so far which proves cobras have been killed by other animals except for mongoose which by nature has the ability to withstand king cobras venom.

King cobras stand out when it comes to other snakes because of their unique ability to recognize its handler from other people .

Now that we all know why king cobra got its name as “KING COBRA”. Isn’t it amazing! how mother nature surprises us every time with her beauty!?






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