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TCS faces mass women employees resignation.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the leading IT services and consulting companies in India.

The pandemic had a significant impact on the way tech businesses operated, and many companies, including TCS, had to implement remote work or work-from-home policies to ensure the safety of their employees. These measures were imposed to reduce the risk of virus transmission and to adhere with government guidelines.

However, work from home (WFH) offered various benefits such as increased flexibility and reduced commuting time. Remote work seemed more convenient and most individuals adapted well to that working arrangement.

Now that everything is normal and the threat of pandemic has drastically reduced, IT companies are asking their employees to work from the office. People are struggling to get back to their offices and work. TCS is also calling its employees back to the office but it seems like the employees are finding it difficult to follow the new policy. Many female employees have resigned their jobs due to new work from office policy.

According to the reports, previously TCS lost over 20 percent of its workforce which includes both genders. Now women quitting their jobs in TCS due to its decision to end work from home was unexpected.

TCS HR Chief, Milind Lakkad, mentioned that working from home during COVID-19 could have reset the domestic arrangements for some women, keeping them from returning to office even after everything normalized.

TCS prioritizes gender diversity in its workforce and is well known for offering huge employment opportunities to women across the country. The company aims to hire more people of both genders. The firm indicates that its current workforce includes over 6 lakh people out of which 35 percent are women and nearly three fourth of them hold top positions in the company.

As per India Today, the IT giant has confirmed that nearly 20 percent of its employees have returned to office and the company is looking forward to continuing the 25×25 model where only 25 percent of its global force is expected to come to office and work by spending only 25 percent of their time in the office.

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