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BPL to re-enter the electronics market through partnership with Reliance. 

A favourite Indian TV brand is awaited to re-enter the electronics market with a partnership with a multinational conglomerate company of India.

BPL was one of the famous TV brands which was launched in the year 1963 with a simple silver font logo as its brand name. The company had reached its peak in the 90’s era and almost million TV sets were sold in India per month.

Before the introduction of TV’s with flat screens, most of the Indian homes at least had one bulky TV set which belonged to the BPL, this is the kind of popularity that the brand had created. But ,over the years, the fan following of the company had reduced due to the advancement of technology and it became really difficult for the company to regain its electronics market in the country.

Recently, it was reported that the license has been acquired by the Reliance company to manufacture and market the products under the brand name Kelvinator and BPL. The CEO, Sunil Khurana said that this a partnership deal where Reliance company will help us to market the products, but the production activities along with the innovations and assurance about the quality of the product will be taken care by BPL.

This isn’t the first time the BPL company is collaborating with Reliance to give a comeback into the electronics segment.

In 2015, BPL had made an alliance with the e-commerce company (Flipkart) to sell its electronics items like Television, air conditioner and washing machine with the help of the e-commerce portal.

In 2017, the company had entered into the agreement with Amazon after breaking its partnership with Flipkart.

Mr. Khurana made a statement that his partnership agreement with both the companies i.e. Amazon and Flipkart were certainly profitable, but people always want to feel and experience the electronics items before buying them and most of them don’t buy electronic items online. They want to see the quality of the pictures in the TV before buying it and in the case of a refrigerator they want to see how the fridge looks inside and also verify whether it can fulfil the needs of their family. He said that the physical stores like Metro market also played a very important role in Tier 2 areas to increase their total sales.

British Physical Laboratories (BPL) was launched by T.P.G. Nambiar from Palakkad district of Kerala and now it is headed by his son, Ajith Nambiar.

The panel meters were the first product which was manufactured by BPL for the defence forces and slowly they started manufacturing electronic gadgets.

The electronics products started disappearing so they started manufacturing medical equipment.

They manufacture ECG, oximeters, portable X-ray machines, no-touch thermometers, oxygen concentrators and many more health equipment which were completely sold out during the second wave of Covid-19.

BPL was one among the top 10 electronics brands of India and it was reported that in the late 1990’s the company had reported its peak revenue of 4,200 crores. It is also claimed to be the first company to introduce wide-screen TVs, frost-free refrigerators, 3D TVs, portable CD players, VCR players, and alkaline batteries in India.

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